Christmas hope for youngsters from care

Carnarvon Lodge has a long history of supporting our local community as well as provincially and nationally through Freemasonry. This year has been especially hard on everybody and has had an impact on our fundraising efforts. To continue our work we have had to think of more resourceful ways of fund raising in these challenging times.


No one should be alone at Christmas; it's something very close to our heart and we passionate about helping make a difference, even if just for one day. This year has seen unprecedented events that have had a dramatic impact on our way of life and our communities, which makes this Christmas more important than ever.

Each year at Christmas we have been able to make one day in the year a bit special for the young people who the system has forgotten. To let them know that there are people out there who do care; who want to help, who know how special they are and most importantly, that they aren’t alone.

These youngsters have been bought up in care and now have to fend for themselves in bedsits or in sheltered accommodation. Through no fault of their own, these amazing 16 and 17 years olds find themselves deemed by the system, able to care for themselves! A hugely daunting prospect for anyone let alone a 16 or 17 year old with very little in the way of family or friend support. The impact of this hardship on their mental health is reflected in their struggles with isolation and loneliness.


The wonderful care teams we work with go above and beyond their remit to help. It is only right therefore that we do what we can to help make that difference even bigger.

Our community needs us to support these youngsters

2020 Christmas Hampers


In 2020 we could not give them that special day of Christmas joy and celebration. So  we sent a Christmas hampers containing essentials as well as a few Christmas goodies, to as many youngsters as the East Staffs and Southern Derbyshire Care Teams could provide. We set ourselves a target of 200 hampers distributed evenly to both our target areas. To complete this task we realised we would need to raise extra funds to achieve our aims. Working within the covid restrictions, it was unfortunately left to a small volunteer team to complete the task - but we did it!


Trandeep Sethi said; "I cannot express to you the difference you continue to make in the lives of these children. You have made them smile when they have said they have nothing to smile about, you have made then cry with happiness. The hampers will remind them that people care, they have people that they can turn to and not to give up. I would go as far as saying that some are only here because of you!"

Laura has spent the last 2 years in a Mental Health hospital due to extreme self-harming. She started to venture out with support staff and had been told about the Christmas party by her brothers. They had told her how much they enjoyed themselves, sang carols and had a “swag bag” full of gifts. She set herself a goal and worked with her staff for a year to get to a point where she felt safe enough to come to the party and she did! Initially sitting with her two support staff, she started to open up and talk, laugh and eventually sing. This was the first public event that she has attended in 2 years, it led to her being more and more confident in herself spending more time outside of hospital.

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